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Katrin Scheinig
Event Manager

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Katrin Scheinig


Wireless Power Congress

July 12-13, 2017 l Munich, Germany


No wires and no electrical contacts: Wireless power transmission is more than a comfort feature for consumer devices like smartphones and wearables. Wireless power technology is essential for medical and health devices to enable hermetically sealed systems for easy cleaning and sanitizing. In harsh environments wireless power is providing more security and reliability – no wire can be broken, no contact damaged, no more touch hazards for the user. The entire surface of a device can be isolated and there is no danger of electric arcs when interrupting the power connection. And the wear-free wireless power transmission technology is ideally suited for moving and rotating machines.

New application areas for wireless power, requiring different features and characteristics, are demanding the development of new wireless power technologies in the near future – with differing focuses on power, range, security and safety. Circuit and systems design engineers need the latest information and know how in order to stay up to date in the rapidly progressing wireless power world.

The German electronics trade magazine Elektronik, supported by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), is therefore staging the Wireless Power Congress on July 12-13, 2017 in Munich.

The Wireless Power Congress is the forum of excellence for exchange of knowledge and experience among wireless power professionals in research, development and application.

Register now and benefit from attractive early bird conditions through June 06, 2017!